Question about Denim Spedy Case PM

  1. Hi All

    I've been eyeing on this denim speedy case pm on elux for my house keys, but looking at the design, I can't figure out how you can keep the keys inside the case when you close on the koala snap closure.

    Any thoughts??:confused1:
  2. I wish I could tell you! I see what you mean, but I don't have one...I'm sure someone has to know on here! Maybe try the reference library?
  3. Thanks Dawn.

    I so love it and I think the size is perfect. Just a question whether I can keep the keys inside, which is my main concern. But the description says you can keep the keys in, but I just cant figure out howww..? :confused1: :s
  4. I'm confused on that as well. I was sitting & staring at it for a few minutes but don't know what they mean by when it's inside the clasp it keeps the keys inside :confused1:
  5. I had this Speedy pm case and would put my own keychain inside with keys and clip the hook to the D-ring in my bag.