Question about denim patchwork last year

  1. Does anyone know if the denim transfers to clothing?

  2. quote=janfill;2501763]Does anyone know if the denim transfers to clothing?

    Thanks[/quote] I never heard that last year, but I did not buy denim. This year i got a wristlet and right in the pocket is a little warning that denim is a dyed fabric and could possible tranfer to light colored clothing..don't quote the words , I have to read it again. I asked the store and they say they try to mention that for some of the customer's denim new jeans rubbed off on their suede last year and it goes vice versa just to protect us...So I thought about it and it makes sense like white that you have to be extra careful with denim.
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  3. Thanks for getting back to me and I read about your post about the new denim. I have a lot of light colored summer tops. I did buy the Carly Denim cotton bag and almost sure that it will not transfer or maybe I should find out that question also. I am just trying to make up my mind 100% here. I do love the patchwork from last year. I love denim bags but have avoided them due to the dye issues.
  4. I have never had a problem with mine from last year, but I have the tote and that doesn't really lay against clothing all that much. It's denim in color, but the patches aren't really denim like if you ask me. Not the type that would transfer like a pair of jeans would.
  5. I have the denim patchwork swingpack from last year and I have never had a problem with the color transferring over to my clothes.
  6. I have the denim patchwork tote from last year. I wear it almost daily and have never had a problem with color transfer.
  7. I have seen Coach enclose a small card in bags in which color transfer is a possibility.
  8. Thanks to all who answered. Maybe the new denim pocket on the newer patchwork are denim because I did see one and it looked like real denim so maybe with that patch it could.
  9. This year's denim does not have that on it. The card says that Coach is now making new fabrications with fabric with equal quality and style...or something like that.
  10. hi...i had last year's denim patchwork and it did not transfer...i just got the ergo denim hobo today and it came with a disclaimer that due to being heavily dyed it could transfer...i think it's a CYA disclaimer...i've never had a problem...
  11. I wonder if the card will be in the new Ergo Indigo patchwork bag?

    Who cares!
    I'm still getting it!:p
  12. Thanks everyone for the information. You will have to post pictures of your new ergo patchwork and I would love to see it. I did see the small ergo patchwork in person but it was real quick.