Question about denim bags.....

  1. Hi Ladies, It's been a while since I've posted in the LV forum. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

    I had a quick question.....
    I was going through my LV bags and I came across my patchwork denim bowly and was wondering if it was okay to wear it in the winter. Anyone here on the forum wear their denim bags in the winter or should I just save it for the spring/summer?

  2. It is totally fine to wear all year. I just carried my denim baggy pm just the other day.

    Since I wear jeans all year round I don't see anything wrong with carrying a denim bag year round.
  3. Anyone?
  4. Thanks!! I thought it would be okay, but I noticed that I haven't seen any denim in NY lately.
  5. I've got the black NeoCabby and I think it's a year rounder. You might feel different about the blue, though. I guess it's a personal decision. Merry Christmas!
  6. I've been using my black neo cabby since september and i get a lot of compliment; that is if i am not out with the baby then i am stuck with the mini lin diaper bag.
  7. I think black denim is all year, I see people wearing black denim cabby and think it looks phenomenal! I think patchwork is also all year, it has different color denims so it looks all year. I think though that the original denim line looks more springy/summery for some reason, the blue/lichen/fuchsia line.

  8. I know where you are coming from bec. I'm in NY too and there feels like a distinct warm/cold seasonal bag thing going on, like you're supposed to wear a certain color/material per season. I do that myself and don't wear my damier or mini lin ebene past April. What color is your patchwork, blue or black? I think either is fine for now, but especially black, it's perfect! That black cabby I saw recently was tdf, so ideal for this weather.

  9. Thanks for responding to my question. It seems like you do know what I'm talking about. My patchwork is blue, but just like you and another tpfer mentioned, the patchwork denim has more of a year round feel. But I wasn't sure. I think I'll try it out.
  10. I live in Western NY and IMHO, any non-black denim is Spring/Summer. I personally wouldn't do blue (or pink or green) denim, until at least March or April. But, hey, its your bag -- carry it when YOU want to!