Question about Delancy??

  1. Is it possible to find this bag anymore besides on eBay? Like, is there a customer service I can call to order it or any stores I can order from? Is it gone forever? I LOVE big bags and this one is just gorgeous! And does anyone have modeling pics of it? I would love to see it in action! TIA!
  2. the MBMJ stores still have some. A few weeks ago one of the east coast stores (I think Florida), still had one in mouse grey!

    I'd call around to see what is left. They are continuing with this bag so hopefully you can still get one for yourself. carried this in black.

    Just a warning...this bag is VERY VERY HUGE! I am petite, and I can just about fit into this bag...
  3. Do you know what it retails for?
    Thanks for the info too!
  4. believe it was $698