Question about December Sale?

  1. I've read that Gucci has a sale around the first week of December. Does anyone know how much bags are generally discounted? I'm hesitant about buying the Gucci Chain' right now, knowing that Gucci will have a sale in December.
  2. At the Gucci Boutique it's usually 30% off canvas and 40% off leather. At Sak's I've noticed they will go on sale earlier and at 40% off.
  3. The bags that are on sale are the seasonal ones, they will be discontinued. The classic bags never go on sale. There are seasonal bags that become classics and I don't think they give any discounts for those. The chain is a classic, so unfortunately it won't be on sale.
  4. Will the sales prices be available online in December? ( and
  5. Yes, the Gucci site has an online sale (US/UK only though! :sad:).
  6. i know that gucci will send you an invitation around december or the end of november to let you know that theres gonna be a private sale. is the sale the same as on the website or no? thanks =)