Question about Deauville & other LV bags??

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  1. I recently purchased a Deauville from a reputable online luxury consignment shop. It is my first LV and I do not live near a boutique, the closest is 3 hours away. I like the bag and want to carry it as a city bag, but it seems stiff. My question is this, do other bags like the Speedy, Alma, Manhattan, for example have the same rigid feel that the Deauville has? Is my bag likely to soften with use?

    I want and need a large bag, I like the pockets in the Deauville, especially the outer slot for phone and keys. I have considered the BH, but I'm not sure I like the fact that it has no real means of closure. I don't want a Cabos Piano or Mezzo, because of the Vachetta on the bottom. I think I might like the Palermo PM, but it's not available. Am I just stuck with a stiff bag that I should just carry and hope it softens?

    Any advice would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. I have a speedy 30 and it's not stiff at fact some people prefer to purchase a base for the bottom so it won't sag as much. I really like the Deauville too.....let us know how it's working for you!
  3. The Deauville is a little bit more structured and it will hold the shape. It doesn't soften when you use it. I have my Deauville a few years and it's "stiff" like at the first day I have used it.
  4. The Deauville is stiff and heavy as it has a very heavy duty lining fabric. The speedy and Alma have light weight cotton lining, Manhattan has flexible alcantara suede like cloth or heavy cross grain leather and some other LV have heavy cross grain leather lining.

    My Deauville has collapsed at the top making it easier to carry, that is all I am expecting from it. For all the structure it swallows everything I put in.

    The structure of the bag determines the stiffness as well. The speedy is very unconstructed and sags unless stuffed full. The Alma holds its shape very well and I bet the BH does as well. My alcantara lined Saleya holds its shape and is flexible but not as light weight as the speedy.

    I don't own the Manhattan but bet it is quite stiff due to the shape. I have a few bags with the double zipper and rectangle shape and they are all stiff bags.

    I would cross leather lined bags off your list. Look at the bags without gussets on the top. Hope you find the Palermo, how about the Tulum, Tikal or Tivioli?

  5. Thank you to all of you who responded so far.

    Thanks Kathyy for your detailed information. It was most helpful. I am going to check out the other bags you suggested. Do you carry your Deauville as a city bag or strictly for travel?
  6. My friend and former assistant manager at LV carries her Deauville as a city bag, she has the trouville too but she said that she grew out of that and after a while it just seemed too small.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but hey, she knows LV very well so she definitely loves the bag like a city bag !
  7. I have the Deauville.. I only ever use it as a travelling bag for toiletries and such. I have had it a few years and it is still stiff. I don't think the Deauville will ever lose it's stiffness.. that's the kind of bag it is.
  8. I bought the Deauville for the city and just decided to use it on an overnight trip. I don't travel enough to buy a bag just for travel! I bought it because of all the great pockets, love them! Most of the time there isn't anything in the main section of the bag - keys and phone in outside pocket, wallet, agenda, glasses and toiletries bag in the inside pockets.

    After reading about the size of the Trouville I am glad I went with the Deauville.
  9. My Deauville is a great travel bag, but wayyyyy too heavy even with a shoulder strap. Perhaps you should look into a Speedy 40 ?
  10. I saw one that was a few years old, lovely patina. It seemed less structured than my month old one but not by much. It will likely keep most of it's structure.
  11. hi!

    the deuville is a good bag- unfortunately u wont find a shoulder bag with the same options>>>> lots of inner pockets, and outer pockets too. u can buy the strap- but as mentioned, heavy. wide zipper opeing though!:tup:

    the speedy- although softer- no lining and no inside pockets like the deuville. it has a very thin inside pocket, and none for the outside. also- if u like the deuville big opening, the speedy is a smaller opening. however, there r different sizes. 25, 30, 35, 40. i find the 30 ok for the city. i have the 40 and i feel it is too big for a city bag- but works ok for a gym tote.... i use them with and without strap. and imo- the strap is not comfortable. :nogood: just useful when necessary!

    i agree with u regarding the mezzo. vachetta bottom.:crybaby: also, one one inner pocket and cell phone slot. not plenty like a deuville.

    so to the tivoli---- no vachetta, zipper and wide opeing, AND adjustable straps, (i like this option the best!:yahoo:). but no inner or outer pockets. however, u can get a purseket.

    palermo- is like the mezzo with two types of handles, short handheld and long strap. zipper opening more narrow than the tivoli...

    now- im still waiting for my tivoli :shrugs:and this is all based on my own personal experience. and also - to let u know- i think i found the next great handbag after the deuxville..... its called the montorguiel!!!! :yahoo: to be released in spring ( i guess...) go look at the spring 2008 thread! you'll see it there! oh it looks lovely!!!:nuts:

    ok goodluck!:heart:
  12. suzie w---

    Thank you so much for your most helpful reply! I'm heading the Spring 2008 thread now to check out the montorguiel!

    Thanks again for taking so much time to help me! Take Care!
  13. alll bags are different the speedy isnt stiff i think the alma is