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  1. I saw this on a website:

    If not provided, ask for a date code (some call it a "serial number," although this is erroneous). There should be 6 characters in total. The first 2 characters will be letters and last 4 will be numbers. If authentic, the 3rd character (first number) will not be higher than 1. The 4th character (second number) will not be lower than 8 with the exception of 0. The 5th & 6th characters (last two numbers) can be anything from 0 to 9. Have I confused you enough yet?


    Is this accurate? About the second # being 0 or 8 or higher?

    I was looking at an item on ebay, and the date code is SD0705
    but it comes with a receipt, but according to that info, it's an invalid date code?
  2. Yes, that is an invalid date code what is the link to the item? or should this be in the authenticate me section. I want to follow the rules
  3. omgoddess is a very reputable ebayer, everything she said is correct. The date codes can also be on 5 characters as 1980's bags only had those.

    The way the codes are read is: the two letter represent the location the bag was made. The 1st and 3rd numbers represent the month the bag was made in. The 2nd and 4th numbers represent the year the bag was made in.

    So the date code you gave says it was made on month 00 in 1975. It's fake.
  4. Yes, that is invalid.
    Older, older bags, I think, have date codes that are inconsistent with this description though...I don't know how to read date cotes on the vintage pieces. However, if you see a date code that doesn't make sense, then it'sl most likely fake.
  5. maybe you should post the auction link in the authenticate thread, so we can take a look at it. The date code sounds strange (maybe the seller didn't read it right) and unfortunately having a receipt is no longer a sign of authenticity as they easily can be faked :yucky:
  6. the receipt she has looks very weird to me (especially in her Pegase listing), the ones I know from the LV store look different
  7. Ok, the receipt says it's a pleaty. The date code LOOKS like it says SD0094 (it's very hard to read under the writing that say SD0705.
  8. oooo I just noticed it says a care booklet is included. Mono bags don't come with care booklets. I'm thinking bogus listing with fake pictures.
  9. moreover the zipper looks strange
  10. I dont trust that for a minute...
  11. It's just sketchy how she has all this stuff listed with all these receipts and only 1 feedback. Plus shes like I gotta sell to get my new cabos! I am hoping to get a coussin for closer to $400-450 anyway. Out of the coussins on ebay now, there are a few fakes.
  12. btw: about the receipts, if you buy a Louis from a boutique here in Germany you get a kinda yellowish-cream colored receipt foldet in half with LV print on front. Is it the same in the US or are there any stores (like at Saks or whatever) where you get a LV receipt on "normal" white paper?
  13. At Saks, Macy's, and Eluxury (where I have purchased before), I get a Saks, Macy's, or an eluxury receipt, not a Louis Vuitton receipt. I've never bought from a brick and mortar Louis Vuitton so I'm not sure.
  14. Actual LV store's the receipt is creamy yellowish beige. The older reciepts were darker than the new ones.
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