Question about date code...

  1. I have an epi noe drawstring bag and the date code is AR0926. According to the guidelines, this means it was made in France in feb 96. But on the shoulder strap of the bag, it has MADE IN USA. This is odd because I purchased this bag myself years and years ago from the Louis Vuitton store...any explanations?
  2. Has the strap been replaced at all?. Also the SD/USA was opened approx late 1995. your Noe dates Feb 96. Could this Noe been assembled in both places? Very strange indeed
  3. That is strange and very unique.
  4. I think AR can be used for both USA and France, not sure tho
  5. Mey the strap made in USA ?? but I check my petit noe and the strap "made in France"