Question about Damier

  1. I've been eyeing a damier keepall, but honestly know nothing about damier. Are the handles leather like on the monogram?

    I know they aren't made of vachetta leather and so aren't as prone to stains and whatnot, but are the damier handles & straps on the keepall made of actual LEATHER? Or is it a material similar to the bag itself?
  2. its leather
  3. That's great news. I wish they had the keepall 50 with strap on elux!
  4. you could always call 866
  5. Does anyone know if the 50 keepall with strap was even made in damier? I know the 55 is.
  6. keepall 50 was made but doesn't come with a strap
  7. The keepall 50 is only available straples. I have it and I love it! I do admit that there have been one or two times I wished it had a strap, but the 55 was toooooooo big. It's not too tough to carry, even totally totally full. (At least not for someone with my ripped physique . . . kidding!)
  8. I have it too... You will not be dissapointed. It is roomy, dark brown interior lining. Seems really classy and different to me, but I love it...
  9. yaps. damier is truly beautiful.
  10. i just bought my first piece of damier... and i love it. i don't worry when i carry it- bring on the weather! plus, it looks nice with everything. good luck!
  11. I really love the look of the damier keepall, I'm just afraid it will get too heavy without the strap. I'm pretty small (105lbs) and think the 55 keepall would be huge.

    Should I just get the monogram keepall 50 then?