Question about Damier?

  1. Can you carry Damier in the rain/snow without the leather handles (and other leather parts of the bag) water spot like vachetta?:s
  2. Damier can get wet and wipes right off. It's a great all-weather bag. I actually spilled an entire Starbucks Venti hot chocolate on my Damier Speedy and wiped it right off with no problems at all. It would have ruined my mono speedy. Damier is just great!
  3. Thank you so much! I'm considering a Damier Berkeley because my only other LV's both have vachetti (Vernis Summit Drive and Tivoli PM). I have no purse for rainy/snowy days and end up carrying my mono wallet and mono checkbook holder which is a pain.

    I'm seeing the beauty of Damier in my hands soon......;)
    Thanks again!
  4. Damier is great in all weather! I always carry mine in rain and snow!
  5. Damier is a great everyday bag and very durable.
  6. now i want some damier!
  7. I agree with everyone else, it is a very durable bag.
  8. i have two damier speedies and they are both great in wet weather. one thing i noticed about my 25 was that the tabs soaked up some raindrops and have sorta 'spots' on them, like little raised marks where the raindrops were. haven't had this problem with my 30...anyone else notice this?
  9. Damier is perfect! I've been carrying my damier speedy for weeks because it keeps raining here :sad: My monogram bags feel neglected..

  10. :tup:...:yes: