Question about Damier Sophie

  1. I just received a phone call from Ala Moana boutique that I will be getting a Damier Sophine. :yahoo:(I was told that there is a long wait list and not everyone will be able to get one...) For those of you who own a Mono Sophie, does it come with the long strap that you can use to wear it across your body like a messenger bag? Or, is the long strap sold separately? Thanks...
  2. Congrats on getting the damier sophie. I got the call too. The mono came with the long strap.:smile:
  3. So damier sophie will come will the long strap as well? I am very excited! Congrats to you too. :smile:
  4. Congrats guys! They're shipping mine tomorrow. I should get mine on Friday. Please post pics. :smile:
  5. gosh I'm so jealous of you guys
    congrats to all of you..pls do post pics so I could drool
  6. Congrat..

    I really like this bag when i saw the pic of mono one. Anywhere i still can get it as it doesn't come to singapore??
  7. Congrats!
  8. Just in case anyone's on Guam, the Damier Sophie went on sale today (it's August 1st there) and it's the same price $400 and no tax. :smile:
  9. Got my call too! Can't wait to call when they open (6HRS UGH!!!) and get mine sent over!
  10. Lucky you!!
  11. I had the Mono and just want to warn you all to be very careful with the chain strap, it scratches the plate. That drove me bananas, so I sold it. They should have made it so you can take the chain strap off all together.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the Damier one will come with the long strap too.:smile: