question about damier pochette styles

  1. I was looking through the visuals thread and I like the look of the damier pochette marais, that it has the gold chain and size wise as well. It looks different to me compared to the other pochettes I see, as those seem bigger and have the leather strap. I looked on elux and I only see a mono pochette accessories that looks similar to this. Is the real name for this style damier pochette accessories? Is there a diff. between a pochette accessories and just pochette? I'm looking for the smallest one that has the brass strap but in damier not mono. thanks for any help! ~Loren
  2. Is this what you're looking for ?

    mini damier.jpg
  3. Cute, I've never seen this! :nuts:

    Sometimes elux runs out of items...perhaps this one is out, too?
  4. thanks bag fetish!!! that's exactly it, I just didn't know the name of it. I see it in the mono on the elux website but not in the damier. I'm not getting it now anyway, but I love it in the damier and it's a must have evening bag for me. Do you think a mono baby papillon can be worn as an evening bag, are people doing that?
  5. bernz, yeah, I think they were out of it when I checked, I saw a mono version and it looked similar to the one on the visuals thread. I like it both in mono and damier, and would love both but if I'm getting the papillon this summer I'll just use the baby pap most likely to cover the small mono bag quota. I love a mono wapity as well.
  6. Pouches that come with the bag like the Marais, Monogram bucket are different from the actual pochettes that are sold as accessories. Therefore the size, shape, and strap material would be different.
  7. That's true. I think the one that comes with the marais would be a tad bigger than the regular mini pochette accessories. For that cosmetic pouch, you can't buy that off elux. You'd have to call up 866Vuitton or your boutique if they have any in stock.

    I personally think the baby pap is too small for an evening bag. But there are other members who have no problem with it. :shrugs: