Question about Damier Geant

  1. Does the Messager come in the beige color?? Or only in black and "earth"?

    My aunt came home today and she gave me the Antigua Besace that she promised me. Its authentic, but then she gave me a damier geant messager also and i have no idea if its real or not bcos on eluxury it says the messager comes in black and "Earth", but mine is a light beige color.

    Is anyone familiar with this line?

    TIA :smile::heart:
  2. I've only seen the Messager in both earth and black colors.

    If I remember correctly... most of the "beige" Messagers I've seen on eBay were counterfeit. :hrmm:

    Could you possibly take some pics of the bag and post them in the authentication thread?
  3. If the colour is "sable" or "sand" then yes it did come in that colour, it's quite gorgeous, but discontinued, if your not sure about it's authenticity why don't you post pictures, I'm sure alot of us can authenticate for you! Congrats on the new bags!
  4. ^^^^ Ahh... thanks for refreshing my memory, Rishin! That name came to mind, but I was like "No... that's the name of a car, isn't it?" :p
  5. yeah it came in three colours originally but one was discontinued :smile:

  6. lmao did you think of a Buick Le Saber?! LMAO hehe john ur too funny, haha I LOVE the sable colour but I think it's gone and discontinued, I want pink damier geant for us sporty girls!

    P.S are they replacing the sable colour?

    OHHH and btw John ur right, most of the sand coloured bags are fake, its the most faked colour and the fakes are SOOOO bad it's not even funny, it's a hard line to replicate I guess, so thats good.

  7. ^^^^^

    I thought she bought you this stuff in PARIS?
    Thats a place where there are few FAKES????
  8. yep she got my antigua besace in Paris.
    she got the damier geant there too.

  9. The 3 colours that the Damier Geant items came out in were: Black, Sable, and Terre. The Sable I believe is the colour that is discontinued. It is the lighter of the 3 colours. The Terre, which the BF loves, is more of a green-to-brown colour...yes very "earthy".