Question about Damier Chelsea - Please help!

  1. Hi y'all! This is my first thread on the LV forum and I need expert help please.....I purchased a Damier Canvas Chelsea tote just 3 weeks ago from one of the LV boutiques in London. This is my first Damier bag so I didn't know what to expect with the lining..........anyway, my bag has red CANVAS lining not red MICROFIBRE lining??? I have rang LV Customer Services and visited a couple of the boutques and each time am told something different.......please can one of you guys tell me if I have a latest edition Chelsea or an old stock item? The date code FYI is TH0040..........confused! :shrugs: Thank you so much for your help:heart:
  2. Why did they sell you a six year old bag?????
  3. :wtf: OMG please don't tell me that.......! I honestly got this bag just three weeks ago and I didn't really think too much about the lining at the time as I didn't know what to expect. If this is such an old stock item then I will be sending it straight back with a letter of complaint! Some of the SA's in different boutiques told me they were changing to red canvas on the chelsea and I had a brand new bag?? Other weren't so sure......that's why I thought I best ask you experts. Do you know exactly what the date code means? I only have a Speedy 30 and a new Mono Lockit Horizontal and am by no means an expert on LV.....
  4. She was born April 2000.
  5. Oh my goodness - that is bad isn't it! How can they sell me such an old stock item like that?! :censor: The handles are really stiff - is that because it so old and hasn't been used?

    I had to go back to the store the week after I got it and ask for the padlock as they didn't include it........when I got the padlock home and tried it on my bag the padlock was too big and won't fit through the zippers! No wonder eh! :sad:

    I hope they take it back - I think it's disgusting of them to sell me such an old bag as new!

    I can't thank you both enough for your help :flowers:
  6. You need to come down hard on them for this.

    I'm sure 95% of their customers don't know what the date code means, but we do! Tell them you will not accept an old bag and you would like a brand new one.

    And I bet this only happens with bags that don't have any vachetta leather.

    Do you still have all your paperwork, receipts?

    OH another thing, if they are going to sell you a bag from 2000, they should sell it to you at a 2000 price!
  7. Take it back and accept nothing but a NEW Chelsea with the NEW lining. Ask them specifically when it was manufactured. Good luck!
  8. wow this is no good...let us know what happens!
  9. what's wrong with an old bag? if its brand new, then its brand new! The Damier Chelsea is a less common bag, so it's quite likely that a lot of them on the market are "older" bags
  10. I'm sure the bag is fine, but the model has changed in 6 years and she should expect to be able to buy the latest design.
  11. I haven't used the bag yet as I wanted it for my upcoming holiday to use as a carry-on. I have all the receipts etc so will be taking the bag back without hesitation.

    They sold the bag as brand new - if it was sitting in the store room for 6 years (!!!!) I think that is really very poor. I can't believe it actually. This is LV we are talking about after all.....I expect the very best service and latest, newest bag available. I paid 565 GBP for a 6 year old bag :sad:

    It isn't just the lining that's differnet, the padlock doesn't fit either so they must have made a few modifications to the Chelsea in the six years that have passed since my bag was made.

    I knew there was something a miss and thought you might come back and tell me maybe the bag was a few months old....but 6 years?

    Thank you all again for your help - this a brilliant forum and you are all very kind.

    I will let you know what happens..........
  12. I'm sure they won't give you any trouble. They never should have sold you a 6 year old bag in the first place. I am soooo definitely going to check the date codes on anything I buy from LV. I had no idea they even had stock that old on hand. Good luck!:flowers:
  13. I'd be happy to buy an unused older bag, just because the quality then is supposed to be better... think of gold hardware that doesn't chip
  14. Hi again!

    I called LV yesterday and after several conversations that eventually led to me talking to the Manager of the boutique where I bought the bag, I have been told to send the bag back to them for investigation. (I don't live near teh store you see so must post it back). They said that there is no way that bag would have been sat in the store room for 6 years and they are concerned that Paris may have sent them such an old bag in a recent shipment.

    What amazes me me is that half the SA's I spoke to had no idea what I meant by a date code! :wtf:

    The Manager was saying that there is no way they would have sold me a bag that was unfit for sale but as I explained to him, that is not the issue innocent ignorance I paid 565 GBP for a bag I took for granted to be the latest model and it has transpired that the bag is in fact over six years old! I want the microfibre lining, I want the padlock to fit correctly and above all else I want to love my bag - I can't love this bag when I know it's so out of date - it's tainted it now for me :sad:

    I will post back here next week when I know what will happen - I want an exchange but will have to wait and see................
  15. Glad to hear that they are looking into it!