Question about Damier Azur Strap with Speedy B!

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  1. Hello all!!
    I haven't been on the forum in a while!! I recently purchased a Speedy 30 B Damier Azur!
    Question for all you ladies with one... I normally carry my Damier Ebene Speedy 30 B with out the extra strap attachment to make it a cross body... It makes it so long when I just want to wear it over the shoulder so I keep that extra strap in the box.
    I am worried if I carry the Damier Azur one with out the extra strap atachment to make the strap cross body, when I do go to add it that will look brand new compared to the normal strap being used and getting a patina.
    Does that make sense or am I confusing everyone?!!
  2. Anyone?!!
  3. Yes, I think there will be color differences as the extra strap has not been exposed to sunlight and all the other elements that cause oxidation of the vachetta.
  4. I leave my vachetta strap out on my dresser in the sun. I use a mono strap most the time, but don't want a color difference. I rotate it once in a while too. Seems to still match up :smile:
  5. Yes that happened to me. When I went to add the strap few months later it was brand new compared to the rest of the straps. Best to leave it on to patina even before taking it off.
  6. Thank you so much ladies!! That's a great idea to leave it out to patina!! When that part of the strap isn't on I'll leave it on my dresser!
  7. I've been leaving the small piece to the strap out to patina because I usually wear it with the one strap, just like you are saying.

  8. I didn't even think about it til I got the bag home and unpacked it! I'm gonna leave the small piece out and hopefully it gets a nice sun tan on its own!!
  9. i don't store the strap in the box. but it is still lighter than the rest of the patina on the eva mono.

  10. A lot lighter, like noticeably lighter? Or just a little lighter?

  11. like two shades lighter

  12. Maybe I'll just leave the xtra part on and see if it bothers me having the strap long.... If so that little xtra part will just have to be lighter!