Question about Damier Azur speedy

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  1. Do they come with a strap, i have a 30 and I don't have the strap, is it sold separately?:confused1:
  2. There's no strap for the speedy, I think some people have bought a strap anyway but as far as I know LV doesn't suggest this.
  3. No strap with speedies, they do sell straps seperately but the speedy doesn't have the correct hardwear to add a strap it is still possible to do it but they look a little strange IMO
  4. ok, thanks to you both. I have seen people wearing the strap with a speedy, and see some of the bags sold on ebay come with it. I just looked at my bag, and i don't see anywhere that can anchor the strap on anyways. but it's good to know.
  5. The strap is usually clipped to the handle hardware, each clip on the opposite loop on each side of the bag... does that make sense? lol

  6. I have straps for my Mono Speedy 30 and my Damier Speedy 30. Yes, you just clip them to the metal hardward connected to the handles but the strap hardware will rub against the leather. I'm ok with this, but I really wish LV would make the Speedy with a d-ring handle like they do with the Deauville/Trouville/Ellipse.

    I love having a strap for my Speedys!
  7. I would like to see what the speedy look like with a strap!
    Can you post pics please?