Question about customs

  1. I'm tracking a parcel that's on its way to me from the US and the message today said that it's 'cleared foreign customs'.

    My stupid question is.... does that mean foreign to the poster? As in my customs?

    I certainly hope so!
  2. It means it will be delivered shortly as it has passed through British customs.
    Expect the doorbell to ring today or tomorrow!
  3. Woohoo! :yahoo:
    Then I can put my cunning plan into action :graucho:
  4. Anything exciting coming your way?
  5. A Chloé wallet ;)
  6. Oh how fun!
    I hope you don't have to pay any customs!
    I just noticed you are in Leeds, I too am from Yorkshire!
    I send stuff home all the time and of course everything is a gift, but I always have to mark down the value or my poor Mum has to pay duty! Sometimes she gets an attempted delivery notice from parcelfarce even though she's been home all day long. The last time the guy came he rang the bell and disappeared 1/2 a second later, she literally had to run outside and shout for him to come back!
  7. Really? Which bit of Yorkshire? And where are you now?

    I always seem to get stung for customs so I was hoping I'd escape this time, even though I asked for the full amount to be declared on the envelope :sweatdrop:

    Parcelfarce..... like it :roflmfao:
  8. I dont think you will get charged for customs on this occasion, or else it would have told you that your item was awaiting customs charging or being held at the depot awaiting payment, so I reckon you got away with it this time:wlae:
  9. ILoveMyBug, I want your car :sad: lol But yeah, your package should arrive any day now :smile:

  10. Thank you :heart:
  11. I was due some good karma! I handed in some money I found in a car park at the weekend