Question about Customs/Import charges when buying from the UK

  1. Has anyone purchased a bag directly from one of the companies in UK, France, etc.? Are there any additional customs/imports fees? I was just about to check a box on the Mulberry site during check-out that agreed to pay any fees encountered. How much is this? Shipping is already $30. At this point, I'll probably stick with buying in the U.S. unless anyone has experience with this. Thanks!
  2. Of course you will be charged customs if you buy from an international shopping site. I have been charged when I buy from US based stores, and even sometimes when I buy from eBay.
    You need to go to the US customs website and see what percent of customs charges will you be charged.
    When I bought a $298 Kooba from, I was charged £43.00 customs (around $86.00) but the UK does have high customs rates.
    Check out US customs rates on their website.
  3. I'm curious to see what happens with the Belen Echandia I recently ordered. They didn't mention it. Is this something that I'll get hit with before the bag gets delivered. I'd love it if someone who lives in the US and ordered from the UK could chime in. I once bought a bag on eBay from a UK seller and didn't pay customs. Unless it was included in the shipping charges. So, I'm really confused about this. Especially since I'm always hearing about our Canadian and British TPF'ers' bags being held hostage by customs.
  4. I did some research last night, and the amount paid to customs isn't determined until your item arrived in the U.S. Please keep us posted on what you're charged for ordering from the U.K.!

  5. Someone else-I think Jadejett- posted her cost on the BE thread with the charges to Canada.
  6. I'm kinda hoping that it would be way cheaper to import into the US than it is to Canada and the UK. After all we don't have those expensive national healtcare systems to pay for over here. :graucho:
  7. Just wanted to update this for the gals who were interested. No duties on the bag I ordered from the UK. :wlae: