question about customs bringing LV into US

  1. I might ask my brother to bring me LV, he's going to Europe. He's not going to be shopping much and he doesn't want to deal with declaring stuff, inpection by customs, looking at receipts, etc. What's the deal, let's say he buys me a LV under $700 he doesn't have to declare it, right? If he spends over $800, how much does he have to pay? If it is remotely a pain, he's not gonna do it. Anyone know what happens at customs?
  2. Oooo. I'd love to know the procedure too, my hubby is going to England next week and I sooooo want something from the Champs de Elisse (sp) store!!!!!
  3. I came the other way, USA to England, but I think it's probably still the same..

    I bought a Chanel handbag (over $1000) but I just wore it on my way back and had no problem. They even saw me carrying the box in a bag! (that was on the USA) side.

    Maybe this might help?
  4. Well....I go back and forth between Canada quite alot and just came back from Europe last fall.
    Depending on the length of stay you are allowed a certain amount. To get the $750 amount you have to be there 1 week (and you don't get an extra $750 if you stay 2 weeks, etc.)
    When coming back on the plane he'll have to state how much in US $ that he is bringing back in. If he is under the amount then they won't ask any questions.
    If he declares over...then yup..he needs the item, the receipt, etc. Typically if you're not that much over they'll charge somewhere around 2%....if you're way over then you get hit with bigger duties.

    I am sure that you can call any customs office at the airport (I've done this before) and ask just to make sure. Hate for your brother to get in trouble over a purse.
  5. I think we're now allowed $800 in goods brought back to the US. However, I noticed through my travels that declaring any amount increases the risk of the custom officials searching your bags/receipts. I believe they'll charge him ~3% for any amounts greater than 800, but if you think about it you're still saving a lot on LV since prices have increased again in June. Plus the Euro prices on the LV website include the VAT tax which he can get refunded (11-12% I think).
  6. He should not declare anything, that how it works for me. I wear or carry what I can. I did a mistake 3 years ago. I came back from Paris and brought back a louis vuitton paper bag but I used it to carry my magazines. The guy from the customs saw the paper bag and suspected I was bringing back some lv stuff so he stopped me and ask me to open my luggages. I had 1 white multicolore speedy and a keepall 55 in my luggage. Then I said that it was a gift, he asked me the value. I said $500 for the speedy and $300 for the keepall. I paid about $100 for both but I didn't care too much as I got the detaxe when I left Charles De Gaule airport.
  7. What if there is two of you in the party and you split the cost? For example, what if I bought a wallet and my hubby buys an wallet? Both together would be over $800...but seperately it wouldn't...
  8. For the US, your are allowed to bring in $800 worth of goods duty free, the next $1,000 are charged a 3% flat duty. If you bring in more than $1,800 the duty varies with the item. I go to Europe a lot and never have a problem with customs but I always declare something, although I don't always declare everything I buy. I don't usually declare skincare items, books, etc. I always declare my bags, scarves and similar items. Unless he is traveling on business, I would not suggest declaring nothing, they are always suspicious of that and you can get in big trouble.
  9. If you and your husband are travelling together you get $1,600 duty free. You fill out your custom forms as a family, you only fill out one form.
  10. I've been abroad with my family a bunch of times and they honestly didn't really check what we had 99% of the time.. the one time they did was after we got home from a ridiculously long trip (Dubai-London-Canada-US) and had about 50 pieces of luggage. They just opened the suitcases.. barely glanced at a few items and then closed them again. I think they were just looking for illegal DVDs or something?

    All the other times.. after we filled out the customs form, they never said anything or even checked. So I don't think they'll open your suitcase to make sure you have EXACTLY $800 worth of merchandise.
  11. Well I live in the US but I'm european I just work here so the 800 dollars rules might be different for non us citizen
  12. I'm a US Citizen and DH is a British Citizen.
    We both reside in the US.
    As far as I know, you only have to declare totals that are OVER what you're allowed.

    When we travelled to the UK, I WORE the Rolex he purchased for his mum since he didn't want to pay duties on it. I doubt your husband would want to carry a purse through the airport though LOL.
  13. Wiat, I'm trying to understand this. Let's say I buy a speedy and it's less than the total of $800. I don't have to declare it then right? But can I get VAT back?
  14. I travel with my BF - he only buys antiques and they don't count toward our allowance - so I can usually give him stuff under his $800.00 - Having said all of this, I never declare anything and am never stopped by customs - I think it has a lot to do with your point of entry and the country or countries you have visited as to how you are scrutinized. In my experience, coming into JFK has been trouble but MIA never is.
  15. That's what I would like to know! I'll be departing/arriving into MIA. I'll be arriving in Paris and returning from Rome...

    I think as long as we spend under our "allotted" amount ($800 individual and $1600 family) we should be ok.