question about cribs

  1. just wondering what u all use as cribs and levels? i am first time mom so i am not sure.
    he sleeps in one of those adjustable cribs where the level can be higher or lower to the ground. at what age should the baby be moved from upper level or lower level? hope i made sense? :flowers:
  2. as soon as the baby can sit up drop it all the way down:yes: TRUST ME!
    In one day one of my twins learned to pull himself up and I later that same day I heard him fall out of the crib!:shocked:
    My advice is to assemble it on the lowest setting so you don;t ever have to bother w/ it again. The you can just leave one side rail down since they don't go down all the way until the baby is rolling or sitting.
    On our lowest setting, if I left one side rail down it was still about 15" higher than the mattress.