Question about crating a new puppy at night

  1. We got a new puppy Cockapoo yesterday (went to the mall to get socks, got a puppy instead, will post that story later) . She is 10 weeks old and the cutest little bit of a thing you ever saw. I havent had a puppy in years! And now everyone seems to crate their pups for training purposes, so this is new to me.

    I put her bed in (which she has been sleeping in) and wee wee pad, etc. I covered the cage with a big towel like I was told to do by someone. And she CRIED and HOWLED and it broke my heart, so after about 4 minutes, (I swear it felt like an hour) I brought her in bed with me and she curled up on my arm and slept all night thru next to me and never woke up.

    Okay, I cant do that again tonight. About how long will she howl and cry at night while caged? The cage is in my room and the room was dark and the house was quiet. You girls who have pups, can you tell me an idea what to expect? I have to cage her tomorrow morning when I leave for work, but I will come home from lunch and walk her (thank god I only live a few blocks from work). I already warned my neighbors, but hopefully it wont bother them. I know I have to let her cry, but it just breaks my heart!

  2. crate training really is the best thing for a dog. go find the book or theres a video on it that explains it. one red flag i see in your post is the pee pee pad in the crate. that's a no no. the crate should become like their little den, their home, and dogs will never pee in their home. you put them in the crate, and then the minute they come out, outside they go, then come up with some phrase that they'll learn means "go potty" (ex. "hurry up" "go potty" etc). that way they look at the crate as a good thing, as their turf. puppies need to go out right after they eat and then every 4-5 hours at first. puppies are a lot of work, but if you train them right, it will be smooth sailing.
  3. there are some great books and I know there is a video on the subject, if you do it now, you'll be happier in the long run
  4. Thanks. I did get a few books and a dvd yesterday as well. A bit confused about the pee pee pad thing, because even the book that came with the crate said to keep it separate from the bed in the crate, which I did. Her crate is large and has a divided section with a doorway. The bed is on one side and the pad on the other.

    I actually have her in the crate now. She cried and yowled for exactly 12 minutes. She is asleep now. Its all I could do to keep my daughter from going in to get her.

    I have wanted a dog for a long time. And my initial decision was to get an older pound dog, I dont regret getting her despite the few negative pm's I have received in less than an hour for "buying" her. She was a dog who needed a home, and she got one. And boy, oh boy, will she be loved.
  5. Donna,

    I have some doxies that are crate trained so no worries on your part!!

    Go you!
  6. yes, you can do this! 12 mins is great!!! make sure she has a nice bed in her crate, I'm telling you, get the pee pee pad out of the crate, and some theories say to get a hot water bottle and a little ticking clock to remind a little puppy of their mom.

    i know you love your new baby, but you have to be strong, its for the best in the end
  7. Equate leaving her in there with leaving a toddler cry to sleep even though you want to do the opposite, it's best. She will get sued to it and it does make your life easier in the long run. All of my dogs have loved their crates after they got used to them (one Akita I owned ate through and out of 4 before he gave in). Our current dog sleeps in his and goes there to escape our toddler even though we don't close his door anymore (2 years later). When they get used to it, it's their "safe place". It take a bit of patience and restraint but it's well worth it. Remember, all dogs have different personalities too, it may take a short time or a few months until she is really comfortable. Remember that dogs are smart and will push much the same way children do, the more you give in, the more they will try to get away with next time. good luck!
  8. Donna, why crate a puppy, if you have had dogs in the past and never done this why do it now. I am strongly against this idea and think its awful practice as their is no need as you know from past experience, if the puppy has its own bed somewhere their is no need to crate. Our puppies have always sleep by our bed at night and when bigger get on and of the bed so can sleep where they want.
    Ladies on here will slam me for saying this, but I think to crate your dog is wrong to me its like putting an animal in a cage just how they are keep in pet shops which it seems a lot of ladies are against yet they bring them home and put them in cages all over again.
    I am sorry if this upset anyone but do think particular in the US to cage a dog is the done thing.
  9. Court gave you some really good advice...

    Definitely no pee-pad in the crate!

    You want the crate to be your dog's place to sleep and relax. Believe me - before long, your dog will like its crate and will go there voluntarily.

    Make the crate a fun place! We always gave treats and praise when we'd put our pup in the crate. Leave the door open all the time and maybe even throw a couple treats in there. let your pup explore without being locked in.

    As for the poster that compared crate-training to buying a dog from a pet store...that is just silly.:cursing:

    I am very much against pet store because their dogs come from puppy mills. There was a huge discussion about that a few days ago.

    That having been said, keeping your dog in a warm crate, where he has blankets and toys is VERY different from the way dogs are kept in the pet store, in cages 24 hours a day after coming from even worse conditions at a puppy mill.

    A crate is a GREAT house-training tool, it keeps your pup safe when you are not at home and it gives your dog a place that is his. Our dog, who is now three and no longer crated at all, used to go into his crate when he was tired and he'd had enough of us. It was his little den. Our second dog, who is two, still sleeps in a crate. She had free reign all day, but come bed time, she runs upstairs into her crate and gets all snuggled in her blankets and she is sound asleep!
  10. We tried crating our first dog. I had an expierence similar to yours where he started to cry and ended up in bed with me. My husband found out about it and made me put him downstairs, away from our bedroom. I woke up the next morning to find my husband sleeping on the couch with him. We gave up crate training at that point and have always allowed our dogs to be with us.
  11. thanks!

    one thing you said is VERY true, make the crate a fun place. our lab puppy got treats and a nice warm bed and if you ALWAYS leave the door open when she's allowed out of the crate when you're home, I bet you'll find that she'll go in there on her own for a little nap or to get away from craziness (don't close the door when she does this, just praise her and tell her what a good girl she is). Dogs are denning animals by nature, they are not sleep in the bed with their owners, they like a tight comfy space to sleep in. Our lab had the crate for about a year and then we started letting her out at night but blocking her in the kitched with baby gates (she would always go and sleep in her crate evenutally anyway), then over time, she was allowed all over the house and ended up sleeping on the floor on an old bedspread by my bed. Now, I know I'm talking about a much bigger dog than yours, but the concepts are the same. The dog never used the potty in the house after just a few weeks, if you take the puppy outside as soon as their out of the crate it really really works and helps make a nice well behaved doggie!

    Good luck!
  12. Saich2
    We crate trained our dog at night. From 11pm until 6:30am. When she was tiny, I had the crate beside me in the bedroom and now she is in the kitchen.
    It's never bothered her, she doesn't cry or try to escape and actually she feels really safe in there!
    If there is a loud noise or something scares her she runs right to her crate.
    Dogs are a den animal, and that is her den. I don't feel the least bit guilty having her in there at night.
  13. Did you buy from a pet store?!?!?!
  14. Ditto, my pup sleeps in his crate all night & never a single whimper. He has his bed, blanket & his stuffed toy. My vet (& many vets/ animal behavior specialists) support this. It's not punishing your dog. There are tons of articles online about crating & why it's GOOD for your dog. I also noticed a crating article that said people in Europe don't really crate dogs & have differing views on it so it might be a geographical thing. All I know is, it's been great for us, meaning the dog too.
  15. Quite agree dogs are den animals, but that does not mean being shut in a cage, a den is a place to sleep not to be caged. I have always felt no animal should be caged, for 5 minutes or hours, their is just no need for it. People have said how their dogs have howled and cried at first then they got use to it, anyone one can get use to something if they are in their long enough. People also say they do it for the dogs safety, dogs like children get into things, accidents happen just like with children but you do not put a child in a cage to protect it.
    Sorry to go on but I have such strong feeling about any animal being in a cage. I know you all love your dogs and animals very deeply you can tell that by reading these lovely threads, just wish people would not shut animals up.