Question about cotton paddy and sizes

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  1. Hi All-
    Does anyone own this type of paddy (Photo from Aloha Rag.)I've never heard of a cotton paddy :sad:

    Also, I'm seeing adds on Aloha rag about medium and small paddys. I'm soo confused :crybaby: Are there 3 sizes of paddys or are the ones I've been oogling at NM mediums?

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  2. Yes that paddy is new and from what I've heard not very popular.

    There are three sizes of paddington satchels; the baby paddingtons, the medium (standard) paddington and the large paddington.

    The large paddingtons are hard to come by these days.
  3. I saw a cotton Paddy IRL in a Chloe boutique and I'm not a fan. The material is like a scratchy tweed, not soft or slouchy.
  4. I feel that the a large part of the beauty of the paddy is the luxurious leather and the way it shapes the bag. Replace it with a different material and it messes up the structure intended for the bag as well as makes it something less than timeless.
  5. has one large in brown last time I checked. :jammin:I think the dimensions are about 20x10. I have the black large from '05 and it's a great bag when you want to really make a paddy statement! LOL :graucho:
  6. Check out where these are being made? Romania!!!:cursing:
  7. Ugh. Not liking the cotton paddy at all :Push:
  8. I thought it was a nasty joke when I first saw them. The ONLY thing that made the paddy the sucess it was, was the incredible leathers that were used, and which made the bag so slouchy and soft, and a completely unique bag, as no other was identical.

    This, this is just fugly :biggrin:
  9. I think it's cute, but I would spend that much on a cotton bag.
  10. Thanks everyone for your great responses! I'm dying with laughter between the Romania statement and fugly! I agree with everyone that the leather is what made the bag and to make it in cotton AND charge almost leather prices is...well...not the brightest move the company has made.
    Thanks again for the laugh!!!:yahoo:
  11. I second the fugly vote!!!! That's just terrible.