Question about corners of Coach bags shredding.

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  1. I recently bought a Coach tote bag and the corners started to shred, is this common with the Coach bags that don't have any leather or protected corners? Thanx :smile:
  2. I have 11 signature Coach bags and never had any problem with the fabric shredding. They all still look like they did the day I bought them. Maybe you could bring it to a Coach store and see what they say?

  3. Thank you for your reply. I returned the bag because I only had it for 2 months when it started to do that and I also am very careful with my bags and Coach did offer me store credit but my problem is, I want to get another Coach bag (SIGNATURE STRIPE LARGE TOTE) but I was afraid the same thing might happen again since the corners have no protection. Maybe it was just the bag I had was defected. Thank you for your help :smile:
  4. You're welcome! I'm thinking it was defective because I've never had this problem...not even on a couple of bags that I wasn't so careful with.
  5. I agree with ChiChi - I think your bag was defective. I've never had an issue with the corners of my fabric/signature bags either. I have the sig stripe tote in denim that I use all the time (I really :heart: that bag ) and the corners have held like perfectly.

    Good luck with your next purchase. I'm sure the first issue was just a fluke.
  6. Yeah it definetly was a defect, I am happy you got store credit.
  7. This happened to my Carly and I sent it back to be repaired. They could not repair it so they sent me a credit letter, so I could purchase a new bag.....HTH! I really loved my Carly too and it does not seem the khaki saddle is available online in the large one anymore....bummer!
  8. Thanks to everyone for the replies and help :smile:
  9. hmm yeah. ive had my signature stripe large tote for over a year now.. and this is my 'everyday' bag.. and i really do use it everyday pretty much. and there has been no shredding. glad you got it replaced! =)
  10. One corner of my multi-stripe tote has little shredding. I meant to make a post about it but I never got around to taking pics