Question about Cooking Frozen Chicken

  1. If some of you saw my other posts, you'll know that I'm living on my own, cooking for only one person. So I was wondering...

    I have a package of chicken cutlets (6) in the freezer. I know I can't defrost them and take one out and then refreeze the rest.

    I wanted to make buffalo chicken strips so I was going to marinate them and then bake them.

    But since I'm not going to eat them all, I was wondering if I should marinate and bake them all and then freeze the left overs, or should I just cook them all plain in the oven and then freeze them and then when I take them out to defrost them another day, marinate them then and pop them in the oven.

    I'm sure that sounds confusing but I don't know how to clearly explain it. Any advice will help. Thanks!
  2. Do you marinate them before cooking? If so you can freeze them in the marinade uncooked. Otherwise, just freeze them unmarinated and uncooked. If you're worried about the marinade going bad you can pour it into baggies and freeze those separately. Just don't bake the chicken before you freeze it, because then you'll have to double-cook it and it will get alllllll dried out...
  3. Well the chicken is already frozen, uncooked in a package of 6. So I wanted to make chicken for dinner tonight but I'm not going to eat all 6 pieces. I have to unfreeze all of them in order to take one out since they are frozen together. You are right about double cooking them. I hate dry chicken. But the thing is, the chicken is frozen now. Once they are defrosted, I can't refreeze them uncooked. Any suggestions?
  4. As soon as you buy the chicken try separating the cutlets. One cutlet (or however many you eat at a time) in a plastic baggie. Make sure it is sealed properly then freeze it. Now you can take a bag out and prepare the meat inside without worrying about spoiling the other meat. You can do this now obviously, but hope it helps you in the future.

  5. Yeah usually I buy the individually packaged cutlets but I didn't see them last time and I forgot to separate them.