Question about comfortable shoes for foot problems

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  1. I am still kind of new to TPF so please excuse me if this has been covered in any discussion prior.
    I have always been CRAZY for shoes and had a closet full of beautiful designer shoes in the past. Six years ago I developed an extremely painful foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis. (PF) According to the doctor it was caused over time by wearing too many shoes (and flip flops) that had no arch support. I used to put up with a little pain for the sake of wearing a fashionable shoe, but when you develop PF believe me, it is NOT a pain you can just "deal with". Mine was almost depilitating at one point.
    Mine was so bad that I have had to endure three sets of painful injections of cortizone into my heels. Finally after a year of treatment it has gotten much better, but the doctor said it will always be there so I can NEVER go barefoot, (EVER) and can never wear shoes that do not have arch support. (I can use arch support orthotic inserts if the shoe will accomodate them.
    Here is my EXCEEDINGLY frustrating dilemma- finding FASHIONABLE, pretty and cute shoes and sandals that meet the needs of my painful feet. I love flats, but so many have very thin, flat as a pancake soles and will not accomodate and orthotic insert.
    Does anyone here have the same problem and if so what shoe brands can you suggest? The only brands I can wear without inserts are Naot, Mephisto and those type of sandals. Yes, they are "earthy", but I have been able to find some styles that are not as ugly that can be worn in casual circumstances.
    Fall and winter does give a little more choices due to the closed shoes and boots that I can fit an orthotic into, but spring and summer is SO hard. I want those cute open sandal in the bright colors and cute styles SO bad! I have literally left the shoe department in tears more than once.
    The one brand I found that makes BEAUTIFUL shoes/sandals with a built in arch support is Paul Green. I believe they are hand made. The only thing that is a problem with the Paul Green shoes is the price. I can't afford almost $300 a pair!
    So, I'm asking here in hopes that someone may share the same problem and have some suggestions for me. I'm old, but not so old that I don't care if I wear ugly shoes.
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    Have you checked out any of the Cole Haan shoes with Nike Air technology? I don't have any foot issues but they are arguably the most comfortable brand of shows I own - without breaking the bank. My other fave is Tods but those will all come with an increased price tag. I find their sandals to have a high arch.
    Good luck.

  3. I used to have some nice Cole Haan Sandals before I came down with the PF and they were very comfortable. Now, though, I can't wear them. Besides the PF, I have high arches, which means a slight arch in a shoe is not enough. The Todds are pretty flat, at least the ones I looked at. I do have a pair of Cole Haan boots that I can fit an arch insert in and love them.
    Thank you so much for responding with suggestions! :biggrin:
    I get a little discouraged sometimes because not a lot of people respond to my posts here.
  4. Taryn rose makes shoes with good arch support - sometimes too much IMO...

    Ferragamo and Roger Vivier are also my go-to brands for cute flats.

    Wearing heels with PF may actually lessen the pain as long as your PF is not at the anterior ligament which could happen in minor cases.

  5. Yes, you are correct. My doctor told me that I need to wear something with a small to moderate heel as it will help lessen the pain. The pain with my PF is in the heel ( think hot ice pick stabbing up through the heel) and toward the back of the arch.
    I have some Ecco flats that have a small heel and slip an insert in them. I have been having to buy shoes a half size larger to accomodate the inserts which sometimes causes other fit issues. This is why I would love to find some stylish shoes that I don't have to put an insert in. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I'll check them out, especially the Taryn Rose since my arches are high.
  6. I have terrible arthritis and a host of other rather serious health problems and am only 22 so my cute shoes are very important to me!! Chie Mihara makes the most gorgeous handmade shoes that are supposed to be really comfy. With my issues I can't handle all day and night but they might be an option, she tends to make a good selection in a low heel too. They can be pricey but I've had luck with sales and EBay. I love Born, specifically the Born Crown line. They are great for my feet, and gorgeous. Other than that I have Coach sneakers that could definitely accommodate an orthotic. I hope this helps!

  7. Thank you! I will check out the Chie Mihara line. I'm so sorry you have to deal with so many health issues, you are too young to suffer all that. I so appreciate the responses and suggestions! Keep em coming...:smile:
  8. Hello all! I really like this thread! Thanks for all the great suggestions. Could everyone add a link and/or location where they got their shoes?
  9. OP, you may also wish to look for half sole inserts; these have a heel pad and a metatarsal pad but are half the size of a regular insert (they cover only the back part of the foot). Pedag is a good brand. Pedag also makes specially shaped/tapered insoles that are meant for pumps and other dressy type shoes. I agree with your Dr that you should be on a 1-2" heel, which are the most anatomically correct shape to fit the natural curve of one's foot. Good luck!

  10. Hi! Thank you so much for responding. I usually get few if any responses on TPF so I had mainly given up posting and just lurk here reading the threads.
    I do have a few pair of the half length inserts and they work well. I also have a pair of inserts specifically for higher heels. Most of the time the inserts work okay, but there are just some shoe styles, (usually the cutest ones!) that no insert will work in.
    I found a darling leopard print ankle strap shoe at Nordstrom. (Halogen brand) It's a flat with a pointed toe, and the center part is open like a sandal. One of the SA's got a pair of thin half insets and put velcro under the heel of the insert and stuck the second piece in the heel of the shoe. This kept the insert in place and once my foot was in the shoe, the insert didn't show on the sides of the shoe. I was thrilled to get a cute up to date looking shoe that I had a way to wear. Thank you again! :smile:
  11. Born shoes are very comfortable. They're lined in leather and handcrafted. I can walk for miles in a pair of these with a 3" heel.
  12. Clarks? They're not super fashionable, more classic, but you may be able to get your orthotics into them.
  13. For Plantar fasciitis, you can try putting a golf ball on the floor and rolling your foot over it. This helps loosen the plantar fascia. Also, there are exercises you can do for your foot to help build muscle in your foot.. This will help build your arch.

    As for inserts, try taking out the original insert out of the shoe before you slip in your othodics. Good luck! :smile:
  14. Have you tried dansko ? i am flat footed and they make my feet feel great .
  15. WOW! Are Paul Green shoes really hat expensive in the States?

    Okay, they aren't exactly cheap here but I would estimate most pairs at the 100€ - 150€ mark.

    I agree with the others posters that mentioned Born and Clarks.