Question about colors

  1. Okay I have 2 different questions about colors. Hopefully someone can help.

    First question...Does anyone know all the colors that the Blake's came in? Not the quilted ones, but the soft calf bags. Since I am now obsessed with getting a Blake I want to see what my options for colors are. I think I've seen them in Tomato Red, Olive, Black, White and Cocoa so far.

    2nd question. I saw this on the Barney's website:


    Love the color. Apparently it is supposed to be Chartruese. Does anyone know if that's correct?
  2. The leather variations thread in the Marc Jacobs reference library will show you a lot of the colors, but probably not all.
  3. I searched that forum for Blakes and the only colors I could find were pictures of it in Dark Indigo (which I loved), Brick Red, Emerald and Linen.
  4. Oh heck no, that's not chartreuse... chartreuse is a yellowish color. Barney's was wrong on that one. This is emerald from fall 06. I know this because I use mine all the time!
  5. 1. There are more than 50 colors made for SOFT CALF CLASSIC Blake since its debut in 2004, which color are you interested in? Are you looking for a sale or regular priced bag?

    2. For F/W 2006's SOFT CALF CLASSIC Zip Clutch, carried these colors: Black, Linen, Graphite, Emerald, Whiskey, and Charteause. Their online store featured Emerald from the day this style's listed; as of now, they still have Linen, Whiskey, and Charteuse (they sold out of the other colors).

  6. Check the leather variations thread in the reference forum for photos of different colors that MJ made in his soft calf line... Blakes are available in mostly the same colors that the Sophia, Multipocket, Stella, and Venetia were made in.
  7. 50!?! Wow. I didn't know that. I was looking for one either in a blue or something along the purple family (like lilac). I can't get another red bag if I am going to keep my MP so I wanted to find another color for summer.

    Thanks for clearing up the information on the zip clutch.
  8. When I have a chance, I will post some colors from blue/purple families (made for Blake over the years) for you, but you might not be able to find them in stores anymore. If still available at MJ boutiques, Blake (even past season) is full price there.

    S/S 07's SOFT CALF CLASSIC Blake comes in Lavendar, the color looks like this:
    (source: MJ_LA)
  9. SOFT CALF Blake in Bright Blue (from S/S 2004 with silver hardware and pink suede lining)

    (source: MJ boutique)
  10. Thank you very much for doing that for me. I appreciate it.