Question about (colors for) medium classic flap bags..

  1. Do they come in red or purple? Can anyone post pics? I looked in the reference but only found small ones that I believe are called the east/west bags? Forgive me, I'm new to Chanel!
  2. The medium classic flap came in purple caviar (and lambskin too, I believe) for sure. And I'm pretty sure it's come in various shades of red from over the years
  3. Do you know where I could find any pictures? So many bags :confused1:
  4. hmm, best bet is to look through the reference thread. there is one dedicated to classic flaps and reissues. good luck! ps supposedly chanel is bringing back red classic flaps, so watch out for those! :yes:
  5. Ah, so they would be hard to find now?
  6. Seasonal colors can be hard to find after the season is over - red gets reissued every once in awhile, but the tone always changes. Some were bright cherry red, others were quite coral/orange based, etc... I'm actually really liking the previews of the new red, which looks to be a truer lipstick red than the recent ones.

    There's definitely been darker purple recently, and I think in 2005, there was a pale purple washed lambskin as well.
  7. Purple was available last year in all sizes in both caviar and lambskin.
  8. I have seen the red all year long too. Just have to check out one of the stores and tell them to check the inventory in the other stores.