question about color from past years

  1. does anyone know the color from past year like 05 06 are still avalible? how can i get it?
    any suggestion on the color?this is my first Bbag. i am looking for a blue or pink and no black and white please.

    thank you!!!:yes:
  2. As of recently, BalNY did have some limited 06 stock left (I purchased a Grenat City in November, other TPFer's have scored a First and a Twiggy, and I've heard that there may still be some 06 camel/caramel. I would call and check with them if there is a specific 06 that you're looking for, otherwise, as Moonstarr mentioned, search e**y for older colors that you love :tup:!!

    Also, here is a link to a post that lists BalNY's recent Twiggy stock, and there are several older colors, such as Emerald and Blue India:
  3. oh no why did i click on this thread? they have so many yummy colours from 06?!! ahhhhh
  4. older colors pop every once in a while at Neimans - possibly they are returns?