Question about collonil

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  1. just a quick question, I posted this one in the ultimate amzing collonil thread, but I really need a quick answer because I really can't wait to take my ledbury out!
    On my choc bays I've used Collonil Vario spray, because the SA at the shoeshop I got it from said it is a bit more refined/subtle and thus more suitable for expensive bags. I think it works rather well, but that may be because choc doesn't show dirt/water stains like oak does. Now I have to spray my new oak ledbury, but I'm a bit unsure about the vario spray. Should I get the regular collonil or stick with the vario? Has anyone tried both?

    Here are a few pics of the vario spray I have:

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  2. I use the collonil nanopred on my oak bags, because Mulberry in Stockholm recommend it instead of waterstop. It works fine, so I think all the collonil ones are good.
  3. ^thanks, I'll just try the vario on my ledbury then. Fingers crossed :Push: