question about coco's croc bag

  1. i always assumed there was only 1 size for the coco's croc bag that cost over $3k? Is this bag part of the same line but in a different size or is it an entirely different bag after all? the color looks different from all the coco croc ones i've seen thus far...

    I got this picture from the magazine reference thread, thanks in advance!

  2. The coco's croc bag does come in several sizes, the one in the ad being the smallest one. I have that bag,except in purple.
  3. A SA sent me a pic of it and it's the proportion of an e/w, price $28** (something). Nice looking purse but not at that price. A lot of us have discussed the price of this cloth bag for awhile now. After seeing pics of some of the s/s '08 bags that aren't leather, I'm betting they're going to be in the $3K bracket as well. Am I the only one whose mind is going if it's not leather, I'm not forking over that amount of $$.

    Frankly, I've been eyeballing some very nice looking vintage bags, exotics, etc. that are a lot more affordable than these fabric purses. Many are made in France; some are Judy Leiber exotic bags. Sorry Chanel, I've been loyal to ya for 25 years but I'd rather spend half the money or even less for a quality purse and invest the rest. (It's called win/win for me.)

    Maybe if more of us stood hard and fast, Chanel would take such a hit that prices will correct themselves -- or we'll see these bags at Woodbury Commons!
  4. thanks totoro and jmen! :smile: it's such a beautiful bag, too bad it's so expensive. :sad: i especially love the bright turquoise.

    i really like this bag but can't bear to pay that amount of money for a satin bag. :sad:

    congratulations though totoro, i'm sure this bag is amazing!! :smile:
  5. It comes in a bunch of different sizes I got the black one in a really big size i think its the size of the 226 and it was a little over 3K, the small ones were around 2600ish or 2800ish i dont remember, but the bags are really really beautiful IRL they are works of art
  6. The croco effect on the bag is very difficult to make...that's why the bag is so overpriced!
  7. I saw just about every color today at the SHM Chanel boutique... too bad those stunning colors don't come in caviar! :crybaby: I didn't ask about sizes, because I can't imagine paying 3K for a fabric bag, but I'm assuming they have several sizes. :tup:

  8. Thats where i got mine, that boutique is my fav. they have the best SA's...their coco's croco display was :drool:, I wanted to get them all!! The purple one especially but they only had the small size when I was there and it was a little to small for me, although right now I really want to go back and get it:nuts: