Question about Cocker and Palermo

  1. I hope someone can help me with this. Do the cocker and palermo bags only come in one size?

    The cocker seems much bigger in real life than in photos. Descriptions always say it is about 12 inches wide but it reaaaly stretches in real life so it's actually more like 15 inches.

    I like the palermo too but am partial to big bags, so wanted to know if it only comes in one size?

    Lastly is the cocker a classic - or does it ever go on sale?

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help, in advance! :heart:
  2. I don't know about the palermo. The cocker at the BV boutiques is considered an "icon", so it does not go on sale at the boutiques or the website. But, Saks (in store) and Neimans (in store) have them on sale now. Saks has both the black and dark brown on sale. Neimans has the dark brown on sale. Both are about 30% off. Try calling Saks or Neimans at northpark in dallas, TX. They both charge shipping around $13. There's a thread call Black BV Cocker if you need more info.
  3. AFAIK, the Cocker is only one size.
  4. Thank you so much Kiss_P! :heart:
    I did see the black cocker thread after I posted this :shame:

    Thanks too Ms Piggy. I have my heart set on a cocker, but would prefer a colored (not neutral) one like your GORGEOUS poudre cocker, which is just perfect. :heart:
    If you come across one like yours, please do let me know. Everytime I look at your cocker photos, my yearning just grows!!
  5. Leah - If you are interest in ANY coloured cocker (and don't just have your heart set on Ms Piggy's poudre colour) you should check out this "brick red" cocker that has showed up on Bluefly. Bluefly's colour names are always somewhat strange and I didn't know the cocker even came in red, but it is definitely colourful if that is what you are after!

    Does anyone know what colour this red is, and whether it is a current colour or an old one?
  6. Hi BookerMoose, believe it or not that is the EXACT bag I am eyeing at the moment!!! :lol:

    Thanks for suggesting and your vote of confidence is seriously tempting me:p

    I love it and I am seriously considering that - or if I can get a big pergamena hobo like Catabie has! Sooo many choices!!

    Thanks again :heart:
  7. ^ Not sure which season is the red Cocker here. Not aware BV had any Cocker made in Carmino this season. But this is such a gorgeous gorgoues Cocker. I like!
  8. Cocker is really quite a departure from the signature full intrecciato of a BV bag. It tends to be either you like it or you don't. It certainly is a very unique style. And the deer skin is super smoooooshy!
  9. Thank you Leah. :flowers: I'll certainly PM you if I see one around.