Question about Coach

  1. I saw a coach purse the other day that was brown. At the bottom it had the letters COACH in brown and blue and they looked embroidered. Do you all know the name of this purse?
  2. wow...I have been a coach fan for years and can't place that. I think it's the mbroidered thing. Where did you see it?
  3. I saw a girl with it at the mall and it was by far the cutest one I have ever seen but I can't find it anywhere.
  4. My gut is telling me that it probably wasn't authentic. :sad:

    Was it a signature bag or leather?
  5. It was a signature bag.
  6. Ehh I've never seen one that was like that. Probably fake... :sad:
  7. Yep I am getting the same fake feeling too.
  8. Sorry, Im sure its an ol' fake-a-rooney.
  9. I dont think Coach has ever made a bag like that.
    Mabe Goach has though, ;P

    Poor fakes. Some of them are so cute, and some of them are totally horrendous.
  10. That definately sounds fake. I've seen some pretty out-there designs on the fake ones.