question about Coach wishlist

  1. This is a really dumb question...but I'll ask it anyway...
    how do you get your name to show on your Coach wishlists? For instance some of you have your wishlists as part of your signature and when I view them it shows your did you get that to show? I can't figure it out on mine...
    Thanks for helping a dummy!
  2. You're not a dummy. When I saw the title, I thought you were asking about wristlets and I'm thinking "I've never seen a wristlet with a name - wow!" :p

    The only way I know how to do this is to log onto the Coach website and then fill out a wishlist. Click on the items you want and add them. Then when you are done, use the link to email the wishlist to yourself. When you receive the email, the URL address they give is the one you want to use to view your wishlist!

    You then can add to your signature something like "view my wishlist" and then using the "insert link" above, paste in the URL you received from Coach.

    Maybe someone can explain it better, but that's the way I know how! :yes:
  3. ^I thought it was about wristlets too! funny. :amuse:
  4. LOL I thought the same thing too!! Wristlet and Wishlist look alike when I read fast! haha! ;) I was thinking you meant you wanted to monogram your wristlet until I reread it haha!
  5. Too funny!!!!!
  6. Thanks wildflower, I was wondering how it worked too. :smile:
  7. so this is a Coach thing?
    I thought she meant here on tPF! LOL!
  8. Nope, I meant on Coach. Sorry for confusing everyone!!!
  9. I think it was just me!:shame::lol: