Question about Coach sandals/shoes

  1. Do they tend to run big? I tried on a display @ Nordstroms and they were a 6 and were just a tad too small, so a 7 would have been perfect. But I normally wear a size 8 in all other shoes.

    I want to buy a pair I saw on eBay but want to make sure about the size. Are they big, or true to size?
  2. TTS for me. I wear a 7 1/2 but have wide feet so I am often in an 8. And I wear an 8 in Coach too!
  3. maybe the display was labled wrong then and they were a 7
  4. True to size for me too. I wear a 7 and 7's fit perfect.
  5. They fit true to size definity are not small. sometimes I need a 1/2 size large depending on the size. I would recomend trying them on in the store for sizes before buying on eBay.
  6. I find that the sneakers are true to size but for the flats I have to go down a 1/2 size. So i got an 81/2 in the sneakers and an 8 in flats. Otherwise the flats slip right off my feet. Hope that helps!
  7. I usually have to go down half a size.
  8. Definitely true to size for me. I wear a 5 and I fit a 5 Coach.
  9. wow tiny feet!!
  10. Same with me!!! But in boots I wear a size 8.
  11. For sneakers I take the same size, but for flip flops I have been able to go down a half size.
  12. so since i wear an 8 i should go for a 7.5?
  13. i wear a size 8 shoe as well and i own many coach shoes...i always get an 8 in sneakers and wedges and i have to go down 1/2 size on ballet flats and flip flop type sandals...hope that helps...
  14. everyone has such different opinions on the fit!!

    i agree, sneakers are pretty true to size. so were my wedges, but the peep-toe pumps i had to size down, and even then i needed those guards in the back to prevent slippage.
  15. i wear a size 11....and can wear both size 10 and 11's from coach...