Question about Coach Patchwork

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  1. I'm fairly new to Coach & have seen a ton of posts with patchwork bags. My question is does Coach come out with them yearly?
  2. My first Coach bag was a patchwork around 2003-2004 , I haven't seen those in a while, but you never know
  3. Thanks for the response. I seen a neutral color one I loved. Gonna have to check ebay.
  4. There are a lot of fake Patchworks too. Always have them authenticated here at the Coach Shopping forum before you buy.
  5. I have 3 patchwork bags but none are recent. I have the Holiday Patchwork Bleeker Duffle, a Patchwork Denim Carly and an MFF Ocelot Patchwork Gallery Tote. My sense is that they come out in the winter/holiday season, so I'd keep an eye out in the next couple months if you'd like something new.
  6. I have a P/W Hampton tote (kind of a pre-Caroline shape, not as stiff/boxy) that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I carry it in the winter, b/c it's tonal P/W and dark. Patent, suede, some tonal mini sig, reg & metallic's a very cool bag. I really love it. Scored it at the outlet when I first got into Coach. It was missing the hangtag and charm, but I was able to go to my nearest FP boutique and lo and behold, they had one to replace my missing one! I was all ready to pay for it too, but they just gave it to me (I guess b/c the bag had been deleted--why keep it? Although, the bag WAS still on the website at the time--so who knows?).

    I know that Coach has released pw's in recent years, but I don't know if it's an EVERY year thing. I know that a lot of times they are in bright colors (noticeable C's, that kind of thing) and I know that's not everybody's style, especially here. It's definitely NMS, so I don't have anything other than tonal, which you can't even really tell has sig patches on it, unless you're right next to it.

    Anyway, agree 100% w/ Hyacinth that there are LOADS of fakes, so be careful and have any that you are looking at authenticated in the ATC thread.
  7. I have a beautiful dark brown Zoe Mosaic Patchwork bag...I haven't carried it yet but will as it gets a little colder. As Shellindc posted, mine has a tonal look too...a little patent, suede, mini sig, leather sig, lurex fabric. I'd wanted a patchwork bag for a long time and finding this in my ever favorite Zoe sealed the deal.
  8. I have that bag too. I love it... and I never liked patchwork before. Never say never. :smile:
  9. There are lots of fake patchwork bags out there. A client came into my office yesterday that had a really bad one. She saw me looking at it and wonder if she thinks I was admiring it or I knew it was a fake!
  10. I agree. Authenticate any Coach Patchwork bag before buying. Lots and lots of fakes.

    I love patchwork but a lot of people don't.

  11. I'd forgotten about those - I love them!

    Did you see the new python patchwork Annabelle flats???? So cute!

    Whenever I use one of my PW bags, I can't stop touching the different leathers, it's like a whole smorgasbord of leathers and fabrics. I prefer the tone-on-tone patchworks but the Holiday Bleeker one is cool with the gold and the tattersall and burgundy velvet bits.