Question about Coach outlet return

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  1. Hi, I bought some gifts a few months ago from a Coach outlet Store, one being for my sister. She didn't like the clutch I got her so I need to return it. I have the original reciept and tags and everything, BUT the credit card I purchased it on (VISA from Washington Mutual) has expired and I was sent a new one (MASTERCARD). They both are linked to the same account and I just called to make sure its alright and the girl told me it cannot be refunded onto a different credit card even though its to the same account. Is that right?? I REALLY would prefer a check or creditcard refund as opposed to a merchandise credit.
  2. I'm wondering if when you go there you can't just give them the new card, say nothing, and they'll just put it right back on there. It's worth a shot, I just wouldn't say anything, and if they say something, just tell them it's your new debit card. I might be wrong, but that's how I would try to handle it
  3. ^Thanks, I guess ill give it a try. You always seem to help when I have questions. Thank you!! :yes:
  4. Good advice court!
  5. i totally agree!
  6. I actually did that at a different store. I received a new credit card with a different number to the same account. When I went to do the return, I didn't say anything and handed them the card. They didn't look at the number and just ran it. I am guessing that even if their system would have rejected it for a different number that it somehow linked to the same account and so it wasn't rejected. If they DO reject if, tell them to call the account (have the number with you) and confirm that it is the same account and tell them that it IS the same card/account, it just has a different access number now.
  7. If for whatever reason, they still refuse and insist on giving me store credit, do I have the right the refuse and demand they send me a check instead since theyre policy is returns in the manner it was paid and card or not its still money as opposed to credit to the store? I'll be going to the outlet in Carlsbad, CA so if anyone is familiar with their stores customer service, let me know. Sometimes depending on the how nice they store is, they may or may not give me a hard time.

    Don't mean to beat the subject to death, but I really hardly shop there and the money would come in handy. The clutch is about $75.
  8. The outlet issued me a credit when I returned a few items a week ago because the debit card I originally used was frozen due to the the whole TJ Maxx fraud thing up here. My bank sent me a new card.

    I told them about it myself. Guess I was just being honest.

    Maybe Sarah or Sprinkles can elaborate on this issue...