Question about COACH Ipod accessories

  1. Are they all designed to fit the newer IPOD, I have this IPOD, will this Coach case fit it?


  2. If that's a Ipod video (now called the Ipod "classic"), it will fit. I have a 4th generation Ipod (pre-video) and mine fits in that case. I have a red stripe one.
  3. That's cute! I have an itouch. Wonder if there are any out for it yet?
  4. I'm an iPod and Coach freak, so I will try to answer... I had that case in the vermillion stripe, and it was designed to fit the 5th gen. video iPod, but a tiny part of the screen is covered. I personally don't like Coach cases at all on my iPods. I have tried a few with my video and even back to my old photo iPod, and I ended up selling all of mine on eBay. I'm not certain about the thickness of the newer gen. iPod that you have, but my 60 gig 5th gen. fit snugly in that sigature stripe case. I would personally recommend Vaja or EB cases for iPods if you want a nice leather case for your iPod, but I know...I wanted a Coach case for my bags too! :yes:

  5. Not that I know of. I bought an EB case in red for my Touch, I think it's called Enovo or something like that. It's fairly nice and fits very well. It's unfortunately about the 4th case I have tried, and the only one I could stand so far! :yes:

  6. There's a 5th gen video right after yours (and prior to the classic iPod she has). This case is designed to fit the 5th gen for sure! Not sure about the classic because I don't remember the exact dimensions.
  7. i have the new ipod nano the smaller rounder one .. this one... is there any cute coach cases for it

  8. Thank you everyone for your responses!
  9. Not yet! I have that one too. I figure it took about a year and 1/2 for the original NANO case to come out, hopefully they won't take that long this time.
  10. I got one of those hard protective cases for my ipod classic, and keep the ipod, along with ear phones and various wires, inn a wristlet with an outside pocket (last year's duffle wristlet). That's worked for me so far (Coach covers won't offer much protection against dropping it, etc.), but the wristlet carrying case helps make up for it.
  11. the newest iPod classics will not fit in these cases. They're a tad thinner than the older video ipods and its not a very snug fit.

    I havent hear anything about cases for the newer nanos/iphone/touches...
    I hope they make something soon tho!! my iPhone needs to be coachafied!