Question about Coach ebay seller with many coach inventory

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  1. I spoke to someone by calling the coach 1800 number. He told me that coach does not wholesale to individuals. They only wholesale to department stores and other well known stores such as TJ max etc.

    This make me question the authenticity of the coach bags from the eBay sellers who have tons of new coach inventory (especially the bags from most recent season). I wonder where they get their inventory or are they all fakes? Should I just avoid buying from these sellers?
  2. Hard to say. There are many reputable coach e-bayers, but the are not "authorized sellers" of the product.

    They often buy at discount (PCE Events, Outlets, Department Store Events / Clearances), and sell on eBay. Some spring items recently went to outets quickly. I have three bags that I got at the outlet that are still full price at Macys. Some of these same styles are also on e-bay.

    Check the thread above this in "Reputable COACH sellers on E-bay". If you find something and are not sure about it, post it in the "Authenticate this Coach" and the wonderful women here will let you know their thoughts. I'm not an expert, but have learned a great deal from their comments.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What is PCE events?
  4. ^^Preferred Customer Event.
    They send postcards, to select customers, that give a 25% discount.
  5. i think so .......
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