*Question about Coach Catalog?*

  1. Hello all!

    I have a quick question about the Coach catalog I recieved today w/ my Carly. It has a keycode on the back. Does that mean it has PCE?:graucho: *crosses fingers* Sorry if this is a stupid question. This is my first catalog!:yahoo:
  2. nope its just a keycode for the catalog for reference!
  3. ohhh....Well thanks, kat!
  4. If it's allowed. Can you or anyone else that has gotten the catalog, be able to scan the pages? ^^; I can't visit a coach store anytime soon and I realllllly wanna seee whats coming.. ><
  5. There is a new one coming out next week. I managed to get a copy from the coach store in Vegas. Sory there is no way I can scan the pages. Lots of colors. Think PINK!
  6. pink?!!??!?!???!?!?!?!?!? man even I havent seen the new catalog!!!
  7. what kind of pink *jumps up and down*
  8. Hmm....I think I may have gotten an older catalog....it's just all of the bleecker stuff. It's really cool though. I'd keep it in my purse so when I'm bored I can drool over coach even when I'm away from my computer;)

    Sorry, I can't scan anything because sadly, I don't have a scanner....yet anyway.
  9. Now I wanna see a new catalog.....pink? The only pink that's in the one I just got was the magenta bleecker duffle. That's a gorgeous bag.....:drool:

    Someone just said, but I can't remember who, that they were talking to an SA and there was a mini skinny w/ sparkly c's on it? That sounds amazing. They said that the new coach designs are all about sparkle? Hmmm....sounds interesting...now I'd like to see THAT catalog!
  10. sounds like lurex... but i wanna know what this pink stuff is!!!
  11. It seems to me that Coach doesn't like to send out the newest catalogs. At least not to me!:crybaby: I requested the catalog online (the Bleecker cat had been out for a few weeks..) and they sent me the old one! It's pretty frustrating!:confused1:
  12. Yeah, I got a catalog yesterday and it was the Bleeker one. Hopefully they will be sending new ones soon!