Question about Coach Carly 10619

  1. Did Coach make the colors Brass/Khaki/Angora in the Carly Medium Size bag? On their site they only have it in the larger Carly bag (10620), so I'm just wondering if they even make it in that color for the medium size. Also, What color should I get that would match most outfits? I can't decide. I finally saw it in person and just fell in love with it. It's unique and different than most bags as in it's shape.
  2. They did do the angora trim on the medium.....I have one. It just may not be available online now, but I saw one at the store here the other day.
  3. Oh ok, thanks so much! I love that color! Where is that store located?
  4. Coach Saddle Creek.....Germantown, TN......901-758-5077

    You can also try calling the 888#......they could still have a few in the warehouse in JAX.