Question about Coach Bag

  1. Would two different coach bags, identical style have the same serial # or different. I ask because I found 2 different coach bags on ebay and they both seem to have the same serial number.
  2. The serial # is actually the style # so if they are the same style the numbers should be the same.
  3. If the last numbers (those after the dash) are the same, the bag should be the same (they could be different colors.) I would say that one or both are fakes. Now, two identical bags could be made in different years, and the numbers before the dash could be different.
  4. The last few digits, the ones after the dash, are the style number. I think the numbers before the dash refer to bag specifics, like color and material.
    i.e., a suede duffle and a leather duffle are the same style, so will have the same last digits, but are different materials and will have different front digits.