Question about closure on Factory Penelopes

Dec 8, 2008
I was looking at the new factory signature Penelopes (with the ruffled top) and have a concern that I wanted some opinions on........... Instead of the front and back panels of the bag snapping together to close, each side snaps to a leather tab attached to the top center of the satin lining on either side of the middle zip compartment. (I hope this description makes sense.)

My concern is that the tab will fray or pull away from the satin after continued snapping and unsnapping the bag, since obviously a satin lining is NOT sturdy. What do you ladies think? Did the original boutique Penelopes close in this manner too?

Jun 15, 2009
Hey friend
how are you
I saw these the other day but did not take notice on how they closed.
Do you like them??


Sep 18, 2009
I had a fp penelope shopper and I am fairly sure that it closed the same way, zippered middle and snaps on the 2 sides. I returned it due to the fact that the zipper didn't close all the way so I don't know how durable it is. I don't recall thinking that it would be an issue.