Question about Cles?

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  1. Is the cles large enough to hold a few debit/credit cards?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Yes, you can hold debit/credit cards etc. in the Mono, DE & Azur Cles. I have 5 in mine now w/ some cash and I still have room. The MC & Vernis Cles can hold approx. 10-15 cards. HTH :smile:
  3. Thanks so much!! Looks like I'm making a trip to LV tomorrow. :smile:
  4. Ummm...I'm on the web site now and can't find it. Is it called something else?
  5. It's a key holder in Australia
  6. Yep, I have a Pomme Vernis cles and it fits some cards.
  7. Jumping in here: does anyone hook their cles to their keys and use it that way? Will it get destroyed?
  8. I don't have one yet, but I've seen some people on YT say it scratches and flakes their hook part. The only think I'm thinking of putting on that part of mine is the remote starter. The key I'll put somewhere else. Lol
  9. IMO, it's the purpose of the cles, so yeah, I do hook my keys on it and don't worry about the possible issues. It's meant to be used after all. I haven't noticed any rubbing on mine but then I haven't inspected it closely either. Two keys are on mine - car and work key.

  10. Just picked up my DE Cles today! Well, my adorable daughter actually surprised me and paid for it as an early birthday gift!

    I hooked mine on the d-ring inside my bag. Works perfectly! :smile:

  11. I used my mono for two years straight and always with the keys attached. I recently got an azur, so I rotate a little now. The pouch looks as good as the first day I got it. The key hook and zipper pull have lost some of the gold color. But with the gold coated hardware LV uses that will happen just from bouncing around your bag. LV will replace those two pieces. I just haven't taken it in yet.
  12. Is it? Do we need to pay for the replacements? I have a cles too and this is one of my main worries when i attach my keys to it.
  13. Other tPFers have had it done for free. They just unhook the zipper pull and key clip and replace with new ones. I'm not sure if there will be a charge or not. I'm kicking myself because I was in the boutique (2+ hours away) a week ago to pick up a bag and totally forgot to ask about it!
  14. I see... Thanks for the heads up! :smile: