Question about Clemence (Gold) in the rain

Sep 28, 2007
I know this is a silly question, but how delicate is Clemence, especially in a lighter color like gold? I have a black togo bag which has been virtually indestructible. (not that I tried to destroy her, of course!)

My new bag is Clemence, and gold, and well...I worry...when it rains...etc. How worried should I be? is clemence taurillon reasonably sturdy or not? what about gold vs. black?

Thank you!


Tangerine Crush
Mar 5, 2006
Clemence is very sturdy, even in a lighter color like Gold.

I wouldn't want to be stuck in a downpour with it, but a few drops should wipe right off and shouldn't leave a mark. The first day I wore a new Clemence I got caught in a storm and soaked, but the bag was none the worse for wear - just try to wipe the excess water off as soon as you can and be glad your bag isn't box.;)
Sep 28, 2007
thank you! I cannot resist carrying it, but it keeps raining. I actually carried it with rain gear earlier this week...which was pretty silly looking. I'm glad to hear Clemence is tough. that's what I need. I'm not ready for box:smile:


Satans Little Helper
Dec 16, 2006
Sorry to repeat this story, because I know I've told it before. Earlier this year I tripped during a torrential rainstorm and dropped my natural sable clemence Massai in a mud puddle. The color is way lighter than gold. Anyway, it was so covered in mud that I shoved it under the water faucet to wash it off. Between being drenched in mud and then soaked in water, I pretty much figured the next stop was the dumpster, but it cleaned up and dried out perfectly. There's absolutely no difference before and after.

I don't recommend anyone else take this drastic step as I've described it, but after I saw how clemence handled water, I was totally sold on this leather. I think you're pretty safe to take it out in a bit of rain, AH.


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
Clemence can withstand rain well. Like style101, after I bought my vert olive birkin I got caught in a storm and got wet (of course) :rolleyes: and the clemence leather held up beautifully. Very durable, and oh-so-soft and smooshy :love: