question about cleaning the lining

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  1. mods feel free to delete. i did a search but couldn't find the answer i was looking for.

    soooooooooooo....:crybaby: im so sad because my pepper spray somehow unlocked and got all over my wine mattie. :sad: i dont know what to do since there is a orangey looking stain on the canvas lining now. i was thinking about pulling the lining out and cleaning it with milk. (for some reason milk is supposed to be helpful at pulling out the molecules) then water. then woolite. but im totally worried it will ruin my purse. :crybaby: i dont want that. i realized my pepper spray unlocks itself. so now i just keep a papertowel wrapped around the top with a hair tie and that seems to be working. i need to devise a way i can keep it standing up and not opening. keeping it in a pouch seems to defeat the purpose of me keeping pepper spray. any ideas on cleaning the lining ladies?
  2. What kind of lining is it? If it's the black and white floral, you are in luck!! (I say this because for me that is the easiest to clean)

    (I have cleaned some of my linings before and have a few suggestions...and if all else fails, you can send it to Lovin' My Bags and they will clean it for you). So no worries, you will get your lovely bag back in great shape, regardless!
  3. Next question (I am sorry to be so anal, but I have a minor obsession with stain removal, I was lousy at chemistry but for some reason am kinda good at household stain removal) :nuts: : What type of stain is it? Greasy? Does it have an alcohol smell? (This helps me to know what to suggest)
  4. Lo you can help me too at the same time! I bought a bag with a lipstick stain on the lining, will ANYTHING take lipstick out? It is black and white canvas. (Paisley if my memory serves me right, but I'm pretty sure it's the exact same material as the floral either way.)

    viet your problem makes me wonder what to do! My husband is always telling me I should carry pepper spray but I haven't gotten any yet. I didn't know they could leak like that!!!!!!
  5. Do you have oil makeup remover? Kesalan Patharan, Shu Uemura, Fancl & a whole lot of Japanese brands make them. Personally these 3 are my fave brands & they take everything right off the face even waterproof mu. KP & Shu has slightly better formula than Fancl. They take stains right off. Dab a bit on cotton wool & rub the lippie stain off. Then use a cotton dipped in water to soak it off. I do that for foundation stained tees & they work like a charm. Also if you remove them before they set in, it is easier to remove the stain. You can try to on a small corner.
  6. im not exactly sure what kind of lining it is. but i do know that it is canvas. i enclosed pictures so you can get the idea.



    i smelled it once and my eyes totally burned up cause its pepper spray. i know its not very helpful but its sabre and it does not have an alcohol smell. i think its kinda oily when u spray it. i haven't really tested it at all on a person. i just noticed the residue at the top.

  7. Excellent suggestion! I would def. try something for taking off oil-based items for removing lipstick. Another thing to try for oily stains is a bit of dishwashing liquid in water (I would use a dye-free one -- Palmolive makes one, it comes in a new clear bottle and you can get it at Target) just to make sure that there's no change whatsoever of dye transfer. You could also try a kitchen degreaser. I use one that my BF brings us from Spain, but any old one will do...that stuff gets out everything!!! Just spray it on, and then dab a bit of water on.

  8. Hi there!

    Yep, that's the lining I thought that you were talking about -- the good news is that it is very durable, and you can play with it a bit in terms of stain removal and not worry too much. I did a search on pepper stain removal and the oil that you notice is the pepper itself, and then they put it in a base and add some dye. I noticed that just about every site that mentioned pepper spray removal say that something called Stain Magic will get the pepper spray stain out. Here's one page that describes Stain Magic in a link and the steps to take before you use it:

    And if you suspect that the pepper spray dye is a red dye (this is what it sounds like), I found this tip:

    To remove red dye number 2 (kool aid, punch, wine, etc.) spray a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and water onto the stain. Place hot, steam iron on top of damp towel covering the stain and let it set for 30 seconds. Lift the iron and the towel. The stain will have transferred onto the towel. This even works on old, set-in stains. But from the link in the instructions that I posted above it seems REALLY IMPORTANT to not do this with the iron until you are sure that all of the pepper dust is gone.

    I hope that this helps! Please keep us posted!
  9. Sorry to bump but I didn't want to start a whole new thread so soon and I couldn't really find my exact question in my searches either.

    How durable is the candy cane lining? I'm getting geared up to dye the nikki I ordered with candy cane lining, it should be here on Tuesday but I really want to clean it up before I start and the lining looked a bit dull in the pictures. It looks like it's mainly dirt so I just want to give it a pick-me-up without hurting it at all.
  10. That is incredibly helpful, Lo. I hope the OP saw your post.
  11. This is a great thread. Awesome info LO!!
    Mandy and Vietangel did you both get your stains out of your linings? :confused1: