Question about cleaning mini lin

  1. If you have a mini lin and it gets dirty, how do you clean it? I'm afraid of getting a mini lin because it is fabric and what if I ruin the bag by trying to clean a stain, i.e., the fabric fading.
  2. Mini Lin is very durable water and stain resistant. Normal debris is easily remedy with a damp cloth. Any heavy dirt like grease (I was an idiot) can be cleaned with a diluted solution of a lingerie cleaner by dabbing the affected area. I found that helpful when grease got on my (discontinued) Mono Lin.
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  4. i haven't had to clean mine yet, but thanks for the tips pinki
  5. I got some mud on mine and I just wiped it with a wet paper towel.
  6. i dont think water will ruin it!
    just not an excessive amount!
  7. Well if you got a grease stain out with no problem, that's great news! Thanks for the advice all. Now I really want a mini lin! :yes:
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  9. Oh.. thanks for the tip.

    I think I will get the Mini Lin Speedy in Dune, but I'm too afraid about the dirt.
  10. I was looking at the mini lin earlier today and the SA immediately told me that its very durable and water proof.
    So rest assured your mini lin will be okay. They did mention the ebony color is probably more durable than the newer color (khaki-ish?)