Question about cleaning doggie eyes!

  1. I recently got a cream colored toy poodle puppy and this is the first light-colored dog I have ever had and I was wondering how and what to use to clean the "tears" of his eyes (makes it all red)...any opinions and tips will be appreciated I am totally clueless in this doggie department..TIA!
  2. I ask the groomer to trim the area around the eyes nice and short--that helps a lot! The fur around their eyes can cause irritation and make the eyes tear more.

    I also wipe my pup's eyes with a warm, damp facecloth to clean the "tears."

    It's normal for poodles and bichons to get that red coloring around the eyes and mouth-don't worry!
  3. Fisrt off, congrats on the cute puppy(if that is him in your aviator) I have a cream/blonde dog. I use a paper towel or wash cloth. There is a website called GWLittle and they have a product that works pretty good. Good luck!!
  4. Thanks for the advice ill try that, and yes it is the puppy in my avatar :smile:!
  5. check the food you're feeding your puppy too ... my vet told me that beets & ingredients like that aggravate it. I've been giving my pup something my neighbor told me about, angel eyes, you mix it in with food and it helps clear it up too. I got it off Amazon and have been using it for a week. I can see improvement.
  6. keep the eye hairs short and I use specially eye doggie wipes.
  7. I just use a tissue to gently sponge off his eye boogers :p
  8. Ive been doing this stuff but my baby hates it lol ...well keep going at it and he will get used to it, thanks for the tips :smile:
  9. I just wash my Maltese and then when the eye boogers get moist I pick them off with my fingers. Then I wipe her down with a towel. But keeping the hair shorter around the eyes does help and throughout the day when I notice her eyes are getting goopy I'll just wipe them with a tissue.
  10. I've tried just about everything. Doggie wipes, contact lens solution on a soft cloth, frequent eye hair trimming. I ordered some Angel's glow (a nutrition supplement) to see if it can help from inside. I'll let you know if it works.
  11. My little white/blonde Chi has the same problem. I wipe her eyes with a damp, warm terrycloth washcloth. It is such a frustrating problem! :sad:
  12. Ladies, feel free to research it first, but.......

    I have my sweetest Zoe, she is my 6 year old Maltese. I have had her since she was a pup. I did tons of research on the breed and one of the things I was concerned about was the tear staining. I read on a forum way back then that if you give them disstilled water it will not create the stains as it's the minerals in tap or regular water that cause this. I've even seen it around the mouths of dogs from drinking out of the bowl. It seemed to make sense to me so I asked my vet about it and she didn't see it being a problem and 6 years later..........Zoe has the sweetest most beautiful clean white face.

    This is my story, it's worked for me. I'd say consult your vets first and/or research it. I have seen so many white or light colored little ones with such bad staining and it always makes me think of my Zoe and her little white fresh puppy face. I'll take a pic soon so you all can so how cute she is, with or without stains. They're all cute. Good luck.
  13. Ok so I should give him bottled water? Thats what my godmother does with her bichon frose but I wasnt sure if it worked, ill try it out though, thanks!
  14. It needs to be disstilled, not just any bottled water as regular bottled water has minerals in it. In the market, in the water section you can find bottles that actually say disstilled on them.

    I usually just pick up gallon bottles of sparklets or arrowhead, whatever is on sale.