Question about cleaning Carly?

  1. So I have the large chocolate carly, with the off white background (not the all chocolate carly). It gets dirty so easily! Any suggestions on cleaning? Its a canvas material, and Coach doesn't sell a product to clean this bag with. Thank you!
  2. I would try the coach signature cleaner, or a lot of girls on here use the tide pens or the magic eraser.. since it's the off white I probably wouldn't use the bleach clorox pen, but someone on here probably has more specific advice for that bag. :tup:
  3. I have used woolite and a wet washcloth, baby wipes and the coach signature cleaner.

    They say not to use that cleaner on this fabric, but I did with no ill effects. Good luck!
  4. damp rag, don't rub on the C's though because they will rub off.
  5. I ended up selling mine on eBay after a month of use b/c of the same issue. I used baby wipes which usually worked, but I was cleaning it every other day. And I second Cherll's comment - be VERY careful to only wipe on the white part or you'll rub brown dye onto the white part!!
  6. This is what I was wondering. Because I want to get the khaki carly, but I think the fabric is twill or something, and the coach website said not to use the product on twill. I was wondering caz I was gonna order it w/ my carly.:shrugs: