question about classic flap east/west

  1. i have a question...I was looking around at a Chanel boutique and decided that i like the small-ish long size of the flap. After reading the reference thread, i tHINK that's the east/west one. But the bag i saw only had one strap...does east/west just refer to the size? or do all east/west only have one strap?

    for example, this bag kind of looks the size i like, but it's double strapped. is it still an east/west?

    finally, how much does a classic east/west (with the CC clasp) in caviar with silver hardware retail for now?

    sorry for the long question!
  2. I believe east/west refers to the size. I have the classic East/West with the single strap in black caviar. When I bought it, it was $1395 but I believe it is now $1595 not too sure. You should check the Reference Library for the prices of flaps. I think I have seen some east/west with the double strap but that was for metallics and the new bijoux chain. Hope this helps.
  3. East west flap is now $1795 for caviar $1895 for lambskin.