Question about classic flap bag in blush

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  1. Hi everyone, I now have quite a few Chanel bags in my collection but never got into the classic flap until I met up with another tpfer yesterday. She was wearing her Jumbo flap in patent blush (she knows who she is!!) and I was just dumbstruck! Is this what it's like to experience love at first sight?? How is it even possible that I could fall that hard for a purse I always thought was TOO traditional for a Marni-wearing girl? But I digress... so anyway, I went to NM at Newport (she said she'd gotten it at NM) afterwards and they had the medium lambskin in blush as well as the Soft & Chain flap in blush (called beige), but no Jumbo in patent which the SA said is going to be rather tough to find.

    So my questions are:
    1. does the blush come in the caviar leather?
    2. does the blush patent only come in the jumbo size?
    3. what other colors come in caviar?
    4. do you know if Saks or Nordstrom ordered the blush color?

    PS: the blush on the classic flap is truly the color I'm going for, much softer than the pink used for the expandable flap which I'm not too crazy about IRL. TIA for your answers. I am on a hunt for my dream classic flap :yes:
  2. ^^ooh that's you know that's a trusted seller? thanks hlfinn!
  3. VERY reputable seller!! :tup: It's not patent though.
  4. Forgot to answer your preguntas!

    1. I don't think so.
    2. No, it came in medium as well.
    3. Black, beige, white are the staple caviar colors with seasonal options such as the coveted purple and red.
    4. I'm not sure about Nordstrom, but I know Saks didn't order the blush.

    Hope this helps!! :smile:
  5. ^^thanks Jenn! I think the perfect bag would be the medium patent blush for me then. The jumbo is not too big but strap is too long on me, making it look bigger than it is. Wish me luck finding this baby!

    If anyone has seen her on a store shelf anywhere please let me know! Her mommy is looking for her :P
  6. Good luck!! I think your best bet might be ebay for the patent blush.
  7. Actually I think there is indeed a BLUSH in CAVIAR leather. I've never seen it in stores (in the US) but here it is posted by a lovely tPFer who bought hers from Chanel in Dubai --

    I LOVE that color on caviar (personally I prefer that neutral over the more yellow-tone-based Beige neutrals) but haven't been able to locate one in the US even after a lengthy search. I guess it's possible that blush in caviar was never released in the US.....but what a gorgeous blush caviar it is!
  8. ^^wowie that's heartbreaking to hear that we can't get it here (how do I get myself to Dubai!)...and now that I've seen the pix I want it even more (waaaaah). Guess I'll just have to hope to run into the patent one. Think I'll just sit and cry a bit over the caviar though...
  9. yeah, ive been looking for the patent blush in medium or jumbo AND the blush caviar for quite some time now..ive called NM (all of them in the US) and know that there are 2 patent blush in their system but they told me they are both damaged =( . good luck on your search!